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Isometrics: static contractions with 
dynamic applications.

Isometrics have long been used for training and assessments, but have risen steeply in popularity in recent years.

With the advent of technology, the potential applications for isometric testing and training have expanded significantly, including making them precisely quantifiable.

In this guide, we walk through the history of isometrics, the plethora of modern applications for them and a range of practical applications for settings from high performance to clinical practice, occupational health, defense and more.

In this guide, we'll answer...

  • Q: Are isometrics just for athletes?
  • Q: How do isometric testing and training differ?
  • Q: How can technology be used to enhance isometrics?
  • Q: How do I apply isometrics in specific use cases?
  • Q: What are normative values for common isometric tests?

... and much, much more.

Alex Natera
"Isometric assessments are time-efficient, low risk, devoid of technical requirements and a true measure of a muscle's (group of muscles') ability to generate force."
Catherine A. Logan
"Isometric testing with technology is an integral component of my patients' postoperative plan at each visit, right through to the RTP testing protocol."
Nicol van Dyk
"Leveraging user-friendly technology can amplify the effectiveness of isometric testing tenfold.  By offering real-time feedback it enhances the experience and understanding for those being tested."
Danny Lum
"Isometric training provides individuals with the opportunity to generate maximal force repeatedly within a training session while posing low risk to injury. "
Ebonie Rio

"The addition of features such as 'Training Mode' has made prescribing and monitoring isometric dosages significantly easier and enhanced biofeedback as well as the overall patient experience."

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