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"Preseason preparation is essential for establishing a solid physical foundation for the subsequent season..."

- Jo Clubb, Global Performance Insights

This guide covers the fundamentals of planning and executing a successful preseason.

From reviewing last season’s performance and results to selecting the most valuable tests for the upcoming preseason, guest author Jo Clubb shares valuable insights from her years of experience in the English Premier League, NHL, NFL and more, for practitioners to implement in their organizations.

In this guide, we'll answer...

  • Q: What is the value of preseason?
  • Q: What is the role of technology in preseason?
  • Q: What tests should we perform in preseason?
  • Q: Is there normative data for testing football players?
  • Q: How do I communicate the results?
  • Q: How do we balance our goals with our coach's goals?

... and much, much more.

pg_jo clubb
"Preseason preparation is essential for establishing a solid physical foundation for the subsequent season. The insights gained from preseason assessments guide the training that underpins long-term athlete development and performance throughout the season."
pg_alex natera
"Preseason is where we earn our keep!  We’re often balancing managing players with meaningful adaptation throughout the year.
Effective and accurate data collection through quality technology is imperative in preseason."
pg_ivi casagrande
"Preseason is a key period in an athlete’s and team’s preparation for the season ahead. It is about the important balance between progressively pushing the physical and mental boundaries of what each athlete can achieve while empowering them with all the tools needed to be successful in those pillars of performance."
pg_ellie maybury
"Technology plays a vital role throughout the soccer season, but athlete monitoring technologies are especially crucial during pre-season. A well-designed performance monitoring process can reveal key insights that align with the physical and tactical goals of your pre-season program. "
pg_ian mckeown

"The inevitable increases in training load make it essential that players are in the best position to absorb these increases in volume. Using relevant, real-time and easy-to-administer testing methods allows this vital information to be part of the decision-making process without any additional stress on the overall program."

Practitioner's Guide to Preseason

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